Committee Roles 2020

Roles within Moneymore GAC  – 2020

There are a number of committee officer roles within Moneymore GAC which we need filled to enable us to continue  to achieve our objectives within the coming year. We would be grateful for volunteers who can help by carrying out these roles. We would urge parents, player  and those who can lend a hand for a few hours per week to consider becoming a club volunteer and come forward to our EGM in November. We are hoping  to officially fill all these roles by January 2019, before the football leagues start. Please consider helping out as a volunteer to enable the club to move forward with the valuable work that it does in contributing to our local community. You have an opportunity to contribute your skills, develop new skills, meet new people and gain satisfaction in helping others. For more information on the  Committee Roles please email  or contact 07565292590.  Your support is invaluable to the existence of our club.

Chairman Leadership RoleChair Club meetings

Ensure the Clubs GAA and LGFA affairs are managed effectively through the correct process and procedures.

Provide Direction in which the club will progress and ensure that the club is operating to an agreed plan.

Liaise with committee and appoint officers to carry out roles

Help agree strategic direction for club- ie Development of Facilities Increasing Income. Decreasing expenses. Through Sponsorship, Funding,  Monthly Draw, lotto etc

Liaise with Facilities manager to ensure maintenance of club grounds and facilities.

Help  in  all other sub committees

Vice Chairman Assist Chairman – help in other sub committees
Secretary Replying to all correspondence by email of forwarding onto appropriate persons or groups.All correspondence regarding  payments to go through secretary to update TreasurerLiaise with the Club Registrar regarding list of teams and team members.

Produce Team sheets via GAA Serva system. Sign and give each coach 3 copies-Updating team sheet on Serva and issuing updated copy to coach if new player needs added – if new player needs registered on GAA Serva or LGFA notify Club Registrar

Distributing League fixtures  to group and to pro 2 (for updating website)

Producing Incoming weeks matches for club news, send to Committee, Underage Coaches, PRO, and Facilities manager –and Senior managers.

Communication to coaches, other club secretaries and county board  of fixtures and reschedules  request from team managers

Take minutes at committee meetings, record actions and prepare agenda for next meeting in correspondence with requests from club member on matters arising.

Keep Treasure updated if required issue for payments for club fees, team expenses ie hiring costs etc via email.

National Draw- administration of data onto GAA system.

Producing weekly Club notes and emailing to Pro 1

Helping in all other sub committees

Assistant Secretary Helping with Sponsorship AdminHelping Club Registrar with Membership RegistrationAssisting Secretary in admin of National DrawAny additional help as required by Club Secretary.
Treasurer Managing payments by cheque and cash  in lieu of receiptsKeeping notes of accounts and balances.Providing a statement of club income and expenditure per year.Checking online payments coming in  for Membership, Sponsorship, Lotto, Monthly Draw.

Managing Monthly Draw members via spreadsheet and attending Monthly Draw on 2nd Tue of each month.


Liaising with Secretary and keeping note of manual and online income and expenses

Presenting information via Bank Statements and record of receipts for accountant to check Club Income and Expenses for year.

Update of Bank Balance of General Account and Development account each month at Committee meeting.

Liaise with Bank for setup of Club Development Account and online statements.


Assistant Treasurer Checking online payments coming in via Klubfunder for Membership registration, Sponsorship, Lotto, Monthly Draw  – reporting to  TreasurerManaging weekly lotto draw
Club Registrar Ensuring Membership is paidOnline (via Klubfunder) or manually on 1st  January.Membership forms are issued and completed within  GDPR guidelines (personal details)Teamsheets are correct 

Having one registration night so those who can’t pay online have a chance to pay manually.


Communication with coaches for updates on new members and their teamsheets


Updating Serva system with team members for each team and checking with Secretary and if this is correct.


Updating of Membership on GAA Serva System and payment


Updating of Membership on LGFA system and payment


Informing Coach of how to download and use the GAA App for communication- how to add in players.



Youth Officer YouthHealth & Well beingDevelopment of Football and social skills.Personal development opportunitiesRecruiting of coaches from young people



Child Protection Officer Managing and organising Access Ni RegistrationChild Protection CoursesFor coaches, volunteers and club members
Pro Attending Lotto weekly and Monthly DrawPublishing results online on facebook on the evening of the resultsEmailing Derry post and schools with club notes on Sunday eveningUploading club notes on facebook


Putting up any messages request for league games, fixtures reschedules



Pro 2 Updating websiteUploading club notes on website( pictures of events and posting on website 

Updating logo of sponsors on website and thanking them from year to year



Funding Officer Checking out Funding Grants and applying for these where eligibleLiasing with Treasurer for copy of updated bank statement, Updated Constitution. 

Researching advice from other clubs and Assessing status and ensuring we meet either CASC or Charity in view of advice received



Sponsorship Officer Manage list of Sponsors for Banners, Events, JerseysHelp with admin to sponsors to include letters of correspondence and collection of funds.Liaise with sponsors and secretary.Ensure Pro 2 is aware of sponsors and  updated the website with sponsor logoHelp with Design, Ordering of banners,Jerseys etc for sponsors.





Club Gear – 2 people Produce designs and present to committee for approvalHold night in September for FittingManage order via online or manually-  for O’Neills Shop in September/October


Manage orders and payments via manual or online  method.



Ladies County Board Delegate Attend meeting 1st Tue of every Month in Owenbeg- bring any issues forward to meeting or info back which may affect the club
Mens County Board Delegate Attend meeting last Tue of every Month in Owenbeg- bring any issues forward to meeting of or info back which may affect the club
Facilities Manager Assess and inform Chairman of any requirements – Disposal, maintenance, etc
Sub Committee- FinanceIncluding a registered Accountant Assessing other means of income. Discussion on increasing funding. Issues with Insurance, Membership Helping Development team and funding officer in assessing Finance needed for funding a project.
Sub Committee – Development Liaising with Architect on plans and bringing to committee for feedbackForming a Project team for applying for a funding grant/s towards development of facilities.


Seeking advice on development areas ie Training pitch from other clubs to assess which is best option.

Listing what is needed


Seeking costs from Suppliers (3 quotes for what project Phase 1 involves.


Identifying areas of improvement in line with Moneymore GAC

Development Plan 2018 within the 3 phases of Development.


Ensure a registered Accountant is part of the project team and able to check different costs of the project.


Managing funding when it is allocated in line with funding bodies requirements.(ie in phases)


Sub-Committee-Coaching and Games Agreeing with coaches and Teams training times & venues and providing info to Secretary in form of a table.School RepCoaching and Development Officer- Liaise with team managers at underage and senior level 

Keep secretary and Data Registrar informed of changes to team membership ie new players to be added


Assess equipment needed

Help gather team sheets/ help issue membership registration forms.


Liaise with managers if any new players join, update secretary and data registrar.


Help Data Registrar with Player Membership Registration evening for those who haven’t paid online.


Recruiting of coaches


Promoting coaching and development opportunities to both coaches and players.




Sub Committee- Events Help with organisation of annual events Cul Camp, Fun Day, underage BlitzEntertainment night5 mile Race /Fun Run and any other events needed.Recruiting Parents, Young Volunteers and outside help where possible.
Sub-committee – Young Volunteers Discussion on volunteering roles- with Coordinator and committee.Assess where skills can be utilised in line with committee roles or tasks

Good use of resources such as Local Giving for fundraising to help with  funding projects in line with the Club Development plan.

Checking Website for information on volunteering activities.


Volunteering in club activities and working towards achieving the  GAA Gold Mark Award.

Active committee members Attending committee meetings and inputting ideas and views to help committee arrive at a decision. Assist in helping others to carry out roles and tasks within the club.


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